Broken Hill photographic workshop


Working with a small group, I will be able to answer your questions, provide hints and feedback. You may simply enjoy the company and inspiration of doing what you love with like-minded people, at an interesting location.

Mount Gipps station, about 50km north of Broken Hill.

We will have fun with a sunrise, sunset and night photography, light painting, portrait, textures and close-ups and anything else we’ll see.
You will learn how to create a photograph instead of a snapshot, by using all the technical stuff of your camera with combination of composition and light.


Is $320 including accommodation and Sunset tour.

Twin share rooms of Shearers Quarters with fully equipped kitchen, dining room with open fire, covered BBQ area and shared bathrooms and toilets.

Any type of camera, preferably DSLR, cable or remote release, tripod, a torch, spare battery for your camera, battery charger, spare memory card, note book with a photo editing application if you have one. Photoshop or Elements would be great.

Your own bedding, or it can be provided for an extra charge.
Your own food, drinks, nibbles to share, meat for a BBQ we’ll have on Friday night and anything else you fancy.
We will provide some salads for the  BBQ .
Don’t forget warm clothing and good shoes.

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Broken Hill colour and light photography

You don’t have to go far from Broken Hill for photographing great sunset, light, sky and landscape. Only few minutes from the center of town there are lot of places where you can have a picnic or camp over night while photographing late afternoon landscape, sunset or night sky.

camping near Round Hill

Lights of Broken Hill at sunset

Last light

Broken Hill landscape in late afternoon with old mining relict

Dusk over Broken Hill

Broken Hill sunset

Milky Way over Broken Hill. Junction of Milky Way & Barrier H’way

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“Australia in my eyes” exhibition

Chambers Pillar is the most photogenic rock  near Alice Springs, NT. Photographers paradise.

White Cliffs opal miner. White Cliffs are 300km NE of Broken Hill. Great place for photography.

Purple Lake Eyre. Constant change of light and colours make Lake Eyre my favorite place to photograph, wet or dry.

Finniss Springs, Arubunna country, SA. Salt, sand and mud of Lake Eyre basin create endless opportunities for creative photographers.

aerial photograph of patterns created by wind, salt, mud and water on Lake Eyre beach.

“Drifting Memories” shifting sand dunes of Fowlers Bay SA. have always something to offer to photograph.

Historic Cobb&Co staging Hungerford Hotel in outback Queensland, about 450km from Broken Hill, is a great place to visit. There is always opportunities for interesting photos.

Exhibition of photographs of my favorite places and people from the Australian outback and around the Broken Hill area, will open on 28.3.2013 in chateau Blansko Museum, near my home town Brno in southern Moravia, Czech Republic. My father, Rudolf Hlavica, use to work in the local art foundry as a designer in 1930′s, hence the connection with my exhibition. Thanks to the management of Blansko Museum and the the curator Jindřich Čeladín this exhibition became possible.

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Golems of the Outback

Golems of the Outback, Termitarium1

Strong Golem woman

Golems of the Outback, Sagrada Familia

Pointer, Golems of the Outback

Golem Warrior of Queensland outback

Jana’s interaction with Golems

Termites are most important re-cycles on earth. They produce lot of methane, but without their hard work life would be very different, specially in arid country like outback Australia. In most places, like Broken Hill, they live under ground and feed off cellulose from plants or man made structures. In northern Australia they create incredible sculptures resembling gothic architecture, or Jewish folklore being, Golems, made of mud. They create endless inspiration for artists.


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Broken Hill architecture

banana tree in arid Broken Hill

Blue and Rust

Broken Hill lane

Wilcannia convent

Line of Lode,

Catholic church


Silverton Church

Broken Hill, Silverton and other towns in Far West NSW like Willcania have a unigue collection of old miners cottages made of corrugated iron and grand stone buildings, some of them over 100 years old,  it makes Broken Hill unique place for photography enthusiasts.

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