50th anniversary of Lego in Australia. In Silverton, NSW

Boris studied photography at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, while working as an industrial photographer.
Soon after graduating in Fine Art – Photography, he was headhunted by an advertising agency.  Eventually, Boris was to run his own  commercial/industrial photographic studio for 15 years.

Boris has had several photographic exhibitions in Australia and Europe and has been awarded and acquired in art prizes.

Over years of travelling in the outback, I started to see the landscape not only as beautiful colours, forms, textures and light, but also as country manipulated by humans over thousands of years and particularly the last 200 years.
My work is about conveying the emotional impact landscapes have on me. It is about the effects of beauty, space, time and history.
Some of my images are created by the landscape itself. Others are manipulated in Photoshop to convey my experience and emotions.
This is an on-going interest.

The only other place you get the vastness and subtle patterns is the open ocean, though the colours of Australian deserts and arid regions are something else.  The feeling of freedom in these landscapes is mainly limited by their potential deadliness.  Living and travelling through this country drives my creative urge.


Do come and see Boris’ and Jana’s  selection of works at the
Images of Australia gallery at 145 Sulphide Street, Broken Hill.